Hassle Free Finance Service

combined with customer service from BMV Leads Network.

Available in the UK only

If you are having problems obtaining finance and making deals stack in the present economic climate then consider expanding your property folio with Deals from www.bmvleads.net combined with an improved and outstanding customer service to ensure a satisfactory conclusion for all concerned.


Many of the current problems can be put down to the current economic and banking crisis, however many of the lead/deal buyers fail to grasp the outstanding opportunities that are out there at present. They continue to concentrate on Cash back which is fast disappearing as there are not many 30%+ leads around and what is there is, are fast diminishing. By putting a little cash into some deals to make them work, will result in larger amounts of equity and lower loan payments when we come out of the current downturn. Indeed some of the deals requiring a small deposit have higher amounts of equity in them than some of the NMD deals and are a far better buy with a lower LTV and lower payments leaving a positive cash flow position.


30%+ will give you money back, but 20% BMV discount and above can be financed. You may have to put in the odd thousand or two but please do not shy away from these deals as the capital appreciation can be worth it and can often be recouped within a month or two. We recommend that you view each deal in isolation and consider using some of the equity in your current portfolio as short term security via a re-mortgage or Business Loan for long term gain.


You may view the current financial situation as a downturn or take the opposite view of an outstanding opportunity to improve your property fortunes. Remember, it is not long ago when we all struggled to get vendors to accept 15% or 18% discount.


At www.bmvleads.net  we have researched the reasons why many leads/deals fail to complete. Here are some of them;

  •  Investors fail to get the finance from their existing brokers who no longer have the products available.
  • Rents do not stack up.
  • Some solicitors do not understand the new finance concepts being used and therefore delay the process for so long that the vendor goes elsewhere.
  • Investors fail to keep in touch with the vendor at a time when they are already under extreme pressure, so they panic over delays and sell elsewhere, therefore leaving the investor out of pocket.
  • The investor can not find the deposit that is now required since same day remortgage products where withdrawn so decide not to proceed.
  • Mortgage products that the investor intended to use are often withdrawn at short notice.
  • Market valuations are often down valued by the lenders surveyor.

We have put an outstanding Customer service plan into action and keep in touch with both vendors and buyers each step of the way and we have a team of carefully selected brokers and solicitors who work with us to ensure our clients get the service they desire. This has resulted in an increase in completions against a background of difficult trading conditions in the worst financial crises that any of us have known.


Gone are the days of same day re-mortgage but we are still managing to achieve this exclusively for purchasers of our Leads and Deals by the means of a first class bridging service in association with our recommended bridging provider.


1-7 Day Short Term Loans for Bridging deposits


 Short, medium and longer term loans, 1 to 2 months for Refurbishment etc


 Long term loans, 3 to 12 months for Conversions, Extensions or major work


To benefit fully from use this scheme you must use our dynamic power team of hand picked professionalís including packaging broker and solicitors for the vendor and purchaser. For both you and the vendor that means no delays, less stress and your deal will be completed quickly.



Typical approximate costs

Packaging broker  £395 to £450
Solicitor for buyer. £595 + Vat and disbursements
Solicitor for vendor         £400 + Vat and disbursements
If the property is leasehold  +£100
Bridging Loan  1% of the Mortgage Valuation.
Admin fee   £250


Put little or no money down. Cover your deposit with a Bridging Loan provided by our nominated Bridger.

This scheme can show savings of £2,000 or more over other similar schemes.


The process

  1. You select a deal from our website and pay your reservation fee on our on line shop to Pay Pal.
  2. We will receive email confirmation from Pay Pal that you have paid your Reservation Fee.

  3. The Deal will be automatically taken the down from the site.
  4. When you log into your account again you will find the information about the deal waiting for you.
  5. We will inform our nominated broker, who will quickly telephone you to discuss it and then get you a decision in principle (DIP) usually within about 30/60 minutes. If you accept, a firm offer will be received, usually within 5/7 working days.
  6. As soon as your finance is confirmed, we will complete an Application form for your bridging loan and request any further information from you.

Once you have confirmed that you are going ahead, we will,


  • send you a communication asking for your confirmation of acceptance, and agreement  that the Finders fees will be delayed and paid by the solicitor upon completion.
  • send to you the vendors contact details.     
  • inform the vendor that we have a buyer, subject to valuation and inform him/her to expect a call from you.
  • inform the solicitor who will contact you for further information which may be required.
  • inform the nominated vendors solicitor who will coordinate with your solicitor
  • fill in the application form for a Bridging loan and apply automatically. He will contact you to arrange payment and discuss any other required information.


When the solicitor is ready to exchange and complete he will request the funds from the Bridger.

  1. He will use the bridging funds to purchase and then switches the purchase to the mortgage funds.

  2. He settles his fees, disbursements and other fees and costs incurred and returns any surplus funds to you.

  3. The Reservation Fees will only be deducted from the Finders Fee at completion for those investors who choose to use our Hassle Free Finance and support system.

Want to source your own finance?

Then thatís OK with us, however following recent unpleasant experience;


  • You will need to inform us when you have received your DIP and supply us with the name and address of your solicitor so that we can seek his/her written assurance that the Finders Fee will be paid direct to us at completion. This requirement can however delay the process as solicitors can be notoriously slow at responding.


  • Failing this then Finders Fees will have to be paid in advance before we supply you with the vendors contact details.


  • Refunds of reservation fees and other fees as indicated in our Terms and Conditions of Business will not be deductible when using your own methods in order to cover the additional administration costs involved.


If you have any further questions regarding our Hassle Free Finance and service then please email sales@bmvleads.net and we will respond as soon as possible.


Remember all our Qualified Leads have been telephone qualified and all our Ready Made and Done Deals have been negotiated with and a written agreement has been signed by the vendors.



These have been negotiated and agreed with the vendor and a signed Purchase Option agreement is in place. They have been packaged up by our team and are no money down with the costs covered and cash back is sometimes available.





The price has been negotiated and agreed with the vendor and a signed agreement is in place. A small deposit is usually required although part if not all of the legal costs may be covered.




Click here for an explanation of all Lead and Deal categories.


Want to view before paying the Reservation Fee? Click here to view our Non-Circumvention Agreement. If you print off and sign a copy then post the original to us, you will be able to view future properties that you are interested in purchasing before paying the reservation fee. Please note that this will not remove the Lead or Deal from the site and there is always the possibility that the Reservation Fee will be paid by another investor in the meantime.  


A selection of Ready Made Deals and Done Deals are currently available in our online shop now and more are arriving every day.





 Updated 20-09-2011