>>>>>>>>>> Pointless property spending ruined the UK economy 25-04-2012 >>>>>>>>>>>> Shelter launches 'Rotten Homes Liverpool' campaign 26-04-2012 >>>>>>>>>> Positive signs as 39% of people think house prices will increase 27-04-2012 >>>>>>>>>> Newbuy set to re-energise the UK housing market 28-04-2012 >>>>>>>>>> Investors look to exploit property slide 29-04-2012 >>>>>>>>>> Double-dip recession to trigger house price fall 30-04-2012 >>>>>>>>>> House prices fall 0.6% in March and even London is on the slide, says Land Registry 01-05-2012 >>>>>>>>>> Concerns for UK property market as Land Registry data shows fall in London prices  02-05-2012 >>>>>>>>>> Do tenants prefer to meet landlords or agents?  03-05-2012 >>>>>>>>>> French and Greek elections could spark property boom in London as rich buyers flood to the UK to escape euro crisis 04-05-2012 >>>>>>>>>>>> More homeowner misery as its revealed house prices plunged by £130 EVERY day last month 05-05-2012 >>>>>>>>>> Locked out of the property market 06-05-2012 >>>>>>>>>> UK commercial property sees worst downturn since records began 07-05-2012 >>>>>>>>>> Housing rebound runs out os steam 08-05-2012 >>>>>>>>>>  Good news for UK landlords - Squatting to become a criminal offence!  09-05-2012 >>>>>>>>>>  UK interest rates held at 0.5%  10-05-2012 >>>>>>>>>> A bad month for first time buyers  11-05-2012 >>>>>>>>>> Euro zone turmoil boosts London property stampede  14-05-2012 >>>>>>>>>>  First-time buyer mortgage lending rose 74% before stamp duty axe  16-05-2012 >>>>>>>>>> Landlords urged to watch out for signs of hidden pets  17-05-2012 >>>>>>>>>> Landlords want more innovation in UK buy to let property market  18-05-2012 >>>>>>>>>> The new mid-life crisis … house sharing into your 40s  19-05-2012 >>>>>>>>>> UK warned of credit downgrade   20-05-2012 >>>>>>>>>> Baby-boomers downsizing are now driving the property market, says Rightmove, as house prices stall  21-05-2012 >>>>>>>>>> London property prices: The first cracks? 22-05-2012 >>>>>>>>>> Zero interest rate: can Britain's consumers learn from Japan?  23-05-2012 >>>>>>>>>>  Average UK house prices continue to lack any real movement, latest govt figures show  24-05-2012 >>>>>>>>>>

 Property News, Views, and Announcements
24-05-2012  Yorkshire bucks the trend on house prices
24-05-2012  Average UK house prices continue to lack any real movement, latest govt figures show
24-05-2012  House prices remain in turmoil
24-05-2012  UK banks begin to deal with distress but property refinancing challenge remains
24-05-2012  Retirement money spinners: from wrecks to riches
24-05-2012  How safe is property income?
24-05-2012  UK’s buy to let property market outlook positive, survey finds
24-05-2012  Capital’s property market is ‘a league apart’ from the rest
23-05-2012  Nationwide boosts first-time buyer lending
23-05-2012  Zero interest rate: can Britain's consumers learn from Japan?
23-05-2012  Fleeing the Costa catastrophe: Thousands hand back their villa keys as Spain's economy teeters
23-05-2012  House prices fell 0.4% over past year
23-05-2012  Is property in France and Spain really 'cheap' after the euro's dive?
23-05-2012  Lloyds readies sale of UK property loan portfolio
23-05-2012  London flourishing despite recession, say developers Great Portland Estates and Shaftesbury
23-05-2012  Sharing a three bedroom house is most cost effective way to own a property
22-05-2012  Northern Ireland house prices slump by 10%
22-05-2012  London property prices: The first cracks?
22-05-2012  UK home sales lift fails to last, HMRC figures show
21-05-2012  North west house 'asking' prices fall 1.9 per cent
North west house 'asking' prices fall 1.9 per cent

Read more at: http://menmedia.co.uk/manchestereveningnews/news/business/s/1512427_north-west-house-asking-prices-fall-19-per-cent
21-05-2012  High-earning council tenants will face paying full market rate for homes
21-05-2012  UK has the highest property taxes in Europe
21-05-2012  Baby-boomers downsizing are now driving the property market, says Rightmove, as house prices stall
21-05-2012  Eurozone crisis hitting mortgages, says CML
21-05-2012  Property prices: Londoners rush to buy last of the best council homes as right to buy discounts extended
21-05-2012  Good growth for Scotland’s rental market
21-05-2012  Day in the life of a secret property agent
21-05-2012  London property prices: Capital carries on bucking the trend as people look to downsize
20-05-2012  UK warned of credit downgrade
19-05-2012  The new mid-life crisis … house sharing into your 40s
18-05-2012  Cost of renting rises as landlords warned of tenants defaulting
18-05-2012  On Property: Noel bares all… down to the bottom line
18-05-2012  Will Hollande target UK owners of French property?
18-05-2012  Cleethorpes house prices have more than doubled in past ten years
18-05-2012  Landlords want more innovation in UK buy to let property market
17-05-2012  Landlords urged to watch out for signs of hidden pets
17-05-2012  UK housing starts fall sharply
17-05-2012  Report demands more homes to tackle housing crisis
17-05-2012  House price slump continues to cause misery for homeowners
16-05-2012  First-time buyer mortgage lending rose 74% before stamp duty axe
16-05-2012  First-time buyer lending up 74%
14-05-2012  Euro zone turmoil boosts London property stampede
14-05-2012  Social housing allocation changes in sight for London
11-05-2012  A bad month for first time buyers
10-05-2012  Landlord prosecuted after builder falls to his death
10-05-2012  10,000 properties repossessed in first three months of 2012
10-05-2012  Landlords increase portfolio size
10-05-2012  House prices set to fall further
10-05-2012  An intergenerational solution to the housing quagmire
10-05-2012  Buy-to-let mortgages up by a third
10-05-2012  Property price drops 'less likely'
10-05-2012  UK interest rates held at 0.5%
09-05-2012  Double dip could delay investors expansion plans
09-05-2012  Good news for UK landlords - Squatting to become a criminal offence!
09-05-2012  Nantwich bucks the trend as homebuyers give it stamp of approval
09-05-2012  UK property prices continuing to fall, RICS survey has found
09-05-2012  The cost of renting flats surges 7% to all-time high as young are priced out of buying
09-05-2012  Tenants living near Olympic site facing last minute eviction as landlords cash in on the games
08-05-2012  Housing rebound 'runs out of steam'
07-05-2012  Hard sell suffers in soft market as UK property prices continue sliding
07-05-2012  MPs put focus on housing gap
07-05-2012  Don't be a mortgage prisoner
07-05-2012  Tyne & Wear set for property showcase
07-05-2012  UK commercial property sees worst downturn since records began
06-05-2012  Locked out of the property market
05-05-2012  More homeowner misery as its revealed house prices plunged by £130 EVERY day last month
04-05-2012  House prices fall 2.4pc as tax break ends
04-05-2012  The overdue death of interest-only mortgages
04-05-2012  House prices 'fluctuate' says Halifax report
04-05-2012  French and Greek elections could spark property boom in London as rich buyers flood to the UK to escape euro crisis
03-05-2012  UK house prices fall unexpectedly in April-Nationwide
03-05-2012  Interest rates held but mixed messages from ECB
03-05-2012  Which house prices index do you rate?
03-05-2012  Will the banks EVER lend? Despite low base rates and quantitative easing, the cost of a mortgage is going UP
03-05-2012  Do tenants prefer to meet landlords or agents?
03-05-2012  Do tenants prefer to meet landlords or agents?
03-05-2012  House prices: what do the different indices show?
03-05-2012   UK house prices fall again in April
02-05-2012  UK mortgage lending revival has ended, figures suggest
02-05-2012  Co-op pulls the plug on interest-only mortgages and warns borrowers can't just rely on house prices rising
02-05-2012  End of the decline in Cumbria's falling house prices?
02-05-2012  What are 'house prices' anyway?
02-05-2012  UK property market has had strong start, analysis of indices reveals
02-05-2012  Concerns for UK property market as Land Registry data shows fall in London prices
02-05-2012  Central London property market booms despite rise in stamp duty
01-05-2012  Forget 'buy to let' - 'build to let' is the way forward
01-05-2012  Homeowners face higher mortgage payments
01-05-2012  One million homeowners hit by £660 a year mortgage rate rise today... and there's more pain on the way
01-05-2012  Australian owner axes 1,400 jobs at Yorkshire and Clydesdale banks
01-05-2012  Tories are out of touch with housing reality
01-05-2012  Increasing confidence in rising prices
01-05-2012  House prices fall back 0.6% in March
01-05-2012  L&G enters property lending
01-05-2012  Would you pay £500,000 for this? Garage in tiny Knightsbridge backstreet is three-times the average house price
01-05-2012  House prices fall 0.6% in March and even London is on the slide, says Land Registry
30-04-2012  Double-dip recession to trigger house price fall
30-04-2012  South 'driving house price rises'
30-04-2012  Average asking price of new homes rises in the UK
30-04-2012  UK market buoyant as positive growth trend continues
30-04-2012  Property prices on the climb for a second month
30-04-2012  NAB to quit UK property lending market
29-04-2012  House prices up for second month
29-04-2012  Investors look to exploit property slide
29-04-2012  Repossession Timebomb!

 Cardiff's first-time buyers to be give property help

28-04-2012  Newbuy set to re-energise the UK housing market
27-04-2012  Tracker mortgages: a better deal than ever?
27-04-2012  Positive signs as 39% of people think house prices will increase
27-04-2012  Record numbers of multimillion-pound homes sold despite slump in rest of housing market
27-04-2012  Solid advice for self-builders
27-04-2012  Tough times on Millionaire's Row: Million pound property sales drop for the first time in two years
26-04-2012  Rents in London 75% more expensive than rest of UK
26-04-2012  The plight of the 'accidental landlord'
26-04-2012  Shelter launches 'Rotten Homes Liverpool' campaign
26-04-2012  Demand for UK property sales picks up, agents report
26-04-2012  Property hotspots for UK's FTBs revealed
25-04-2012  As a non-UK citizen am I a first-time buyer?
25-04-2012  Pointless property spending ruined the UK economy
25-04-2012  Property news roundup 25/04/2012
25-04-2012  Highgate village: Home to London's £260,000 supershed
25-04-2012  Homeowners confident house prices will rise
24-04-2012  Santander Launches New First Time Buyer Mortgages
24-04-2012  Finding answers to debt crisis is a taxing matter
24-04-2012  Don't believe the hype on house prices!
24-04-2012  Could the UK housing rental market be about to crack?
24-04-2012  Spring bounce for property sales, HMRC figures show
23-04-2012  The real reason the housing market isn't moving
23-04-2011  March saw a spike in mortgage lending in the UK, CML data shows
23-04-2012  More on house price fundamentals
23-04-2012  Over Eight Million Brits Turn Their Back on the Property Ladder
23-04-2012  UK’s first house sold under NewBuy scheme
23-04-2012  UK private property tenants are struggling to meet their rental payments
21-04-2012  New scheme will safeguard tenant deposits from shady landlords but could result in rents increase
21-04-2012  The Property Market in Light of the 2012 Budget
20-04-2012  Halifax announces New Buy mortgage rates
20-04-2012  Mortgage rates rise for new deals
20-04-2012  NAEA: Demand for property fuelled by FTBs
20-04-2012  It's not easy, but expats can finance a dream home
19-04-2012  A new era of house building could create jobs, stimulate growth, and help the poor. So why won't Cameron do it?
19-04-2012  Persimmon says NewBuy is boosting interest in housing market and hails rise in site visits
19-04-2012  This sentimentality over old people is hitting our young
19-04-2012  Nelson has lowest house prices in UK for public sector workers
18-04-2012  Mind the property price gap, what Londoners pay to be near the Tube
17-04-2012  First time buyers pay the price in rush to beat home stamp duty
17-04-2012  Better protection for tenants in Scotland renting from private landlords
17-04-2012  UK property values fall over first quarter
17-04-2012  UK split into “London” and “the rest” rent divide
17-04-2012  House prices show only a modest rise, says ONS
16-04-2012  End of tax holiday lures FTBs to housing market
16-04-2012  Landlords in North earn higher rate of return
16-04-2012  Mortgage lending up 20% in February
16-04-2012  Empty properties can be rejuvenated
16-04-2012  Living like a lord, without all the upkeep
16-04-2012  High house prices trap rising numbers in 'generation rent' – and they are not happy about it.
16-04-2012  Zoopla/ Digital Property Group merger is cleared by OFT
16-04-2012  Homes outlook brighter for key workers - unless they're in the south of England
16-04-2012  Average UK house price hits all-time high of £243,737 - but soaring London property masks misery elsewhere
13-04-2012  Buy-to-let mini-boom tipped to continue, with new investors snapping up a quarter of properties
13-04-2012  First time buyer woe continues as Brits can’t afford housing
13-04-2012  Police called in over St Albans and Harpenden marketing campaign
13-04-2012  HMO raid uncovered 15 tenants living in a filthy flat
13-04-2012   A secure investment: Buy-to-let boom stretches to old police property
13-04-2012  Shocked Chancellor orders landlord tax scrutiny
13-04-2012  Property market smothered by 'gigantic' rate swap costs
13-04-2012  People waiting until 30 to buy first home
13-04-2012  Homeowners are urged to consider their options as lenders turn the screw on interest-only loans
13-04-2012  UK home loans plummet as first time buyers and buy let investors can’t get finance
13-04-2012  Go West: Who lives in a house like this?
12-04-2012  How to navigate the rental market
12-04-2012  UK house prices to reach pre-recession levels in 2016
12-04-2012  The North-South mortgage divide: Negative equity map of UK shows clear disparity
12-04-2012  Average age of first time buyers 'is 30'
12-04-2012  Interest-only mortgages no longer a cheap way onto property ladder
12-04-2012  Pair jailed over £1.5m property fraud after 'fake sheikhs' Old Bailey trial
12-04-2012  March sees house prices rise 2.2%: Halifax
12-04-2012  The timebomb under Britain’s property market
11-04-2012  Landlords face possibility that they may not be able to evict tenants under Human Rights Law!
11-04-2012  House prices edging down
10-04-2012  Landlord fined for witholding HMO information
10-04-2012  March house price dip smallest since June 2010
08-04-2012  More empty shops paint grim picture of UK high streets
08-04-2012  Green shoots start to take hold
08-04-2012  Beating the housing shortage: one home, three generations
08-04-2012  Preventing another housing bubble must be Bank of England's priority
07-04-2012  House prices fall again, but owners upbeat about the future
07-04-2012  House prices: another four years to make a full recovery
07-04-2012  Cost of running a home reaches highest level in four years
06-04-2012  Lettings agents should be licensed, says Mersey landlords group
05-04-2012  Nationwide reports month of falling property prices
05-04-2012  House prices in 2.2 per cent jump. First-timers drive sales, say Halifax
05-04-2012  Five-bedroom house which was worth €3.3million is now on the market for just €395,000
05-04-2012  ‘Interest-only mortgages are ticking time bomb’
05-04-2012  UK just about avoided recession in Q1, NIESR says
05-04-2012  UK interest rates held at 0.5%
04-04-2012  Why house prices can go up and down at the same time
04-04-2012  Rents slowing, arrears & tenant eviction more likely
04-04-2012  Buy-to-let landlords face tougher times as rents dip and mortgage costs rise
04-04-2012  UK house prices jump 2.2pc in March - Halifax 
04-04-2012  Burglars ‘posed as property agents to raid flats’
04-04-2012  Take cover! The housing market is heading for a bloody and protracted crash
04-04-2012  Rise in UK house prices helped by first-time buyers
03-04-2012  Sudden drop in mortgage deals on offer
03-04-2012  Number of tenants in arrears surges 20% in a year
03-04-2012  Housing charter (Scotland) will give better deal to tenants
03-04-2012  ARLA guide for reluctant landlords
03-04-2012  Don't axe Asbos' call: Landlords fear they'll “literally powerless” to act against problem tenants
03-04-2012  York one of the least affordable cities in England to buy a home
03-04-2012  Affordability of northern rental markets revealed
03-04-2012  Ronnie Wood trashed my tower! Why this six-storey property needs a £75,000 refurb before the owner can sell
03-04-2012  Council tenants to get up to £75,000 to buy their own homes, David Cameron to say
02-04-2012  Landlord jailed after mum and daughter die in arson blaze
02-04-2012  2,000 student landlords warned over ‘poor’ standards
02-04-2012  Take care when buying property back home Expats looking to buy property in the UK should take steps to avoid new, higher tax rates
01-04-2012  Wealth workout: the latest mortgage deals
01-04-2012  Don't be surprised if the roof falls in on London's property boom
01-04-2012  Future home dreams shattered in the traps of shared-ownership
31-03-2012  Mortgage approvals and house prices drop
31-01-2012  Ulster is cheapest place in UK to buy a property
31-03-2012  Tax the frivolities, not the properties
31-03-2012  City properties now more affordable, but north-south divide persists
30-03-2012  UK house prices fell by 1pc in March
30-03-2012  Spring property sales: news roundup
30-03-2012  Letting your home for the Olympics
29-03-2012  Mortgage approvals drop to lowest level since last June
29-03-2012  What the Budget means for mortgages
29-03-2012  House prices fall as stamp duty holiday ends
29-03-2012  House prices tumble at their fastest rate for two years
29-03-2012  UK house prices fell by 1pc in March
29-03-2012  Housing benefit cap threatens the 'lifeblood of London'
29-03-2012  London brothers behind a £4 billion secret empire
29-03-2012  Energy efficient Larch and Lime House in Ebbw Vale take first tenants
29-03-2012  House prices fall back into the red as stamp duty hangover kicks in
29-03-2012  Basildon landlord prosecuted for putting tenants' lives at risk
29-03-2012   Landlords don't meet standards
29-03-2012  Landlord whose tenants died in Fishermead fire jailed
28-03-2012  Priming the pump with premium property
28-03-2011  Concreting our glorious countryside will please ONLY the property spivs who bankroll the Tories
28-03-2012  Energy efficiency certificate changes for landlords
28-03-2012  Immigration can push down house prices Cambridge study suggests
28-03-2012  Paint of no return: Why giving your home a cosmetic makeover will do little to boost the value when it comes to selling
28-03-2012  £501 house goes for £8,250 - still the cheapest in the UK, say auctioneers
27-03-2012  Building firm aims to help buyers make dream move
27-03-2012  The Bank of England should raise interest rates next week
27-03-2012  IFS: Stamp duty changes highlight need for property tax rethink
27-03-2012  DIY danger: Home improvements fail to have the same 'Sarah Beeny effect' on house prices
27-03-2012  Prime central London property market: Trend or bubble?
27-03-2012  The best way to play UK commercial property
27-03- 2012  Positive signs in the property industry
27-03-2012  Auction of 'UK's cheapest house' surpasses expectations
26-03-2012  New house price boom is on the way but the young will have to wait longer to buy, says Bank of England
26-03-2012  House prices to rise for years, says BoE's David Miles
26-03-2012  Top catchment area house price premiums revealed
26-03-2012  London hardest hit by Stamp Duty changes
26-03-2012  Britain’s housing market is rotting from within
24-03-2012  15% stamp duty on £2m sales ‘damaging’
24-03-2012  First Time Buyer ‘rush’ is Set to End
24-03-2012  Potential buyers eye plans for ‘Opulence Street’
24-03-2012  Time to move to the country?
23-03-2012  Lenders try to attract first-time buyers
23-03-2012  First-time buyers race to meet stamp duty deadline
23-03-2012  Top-end property sales down 18%
23-03-2012  Streetwise property investors eye solid rental yields
23-03-2012  Market enjoys spring bounce, yet experts remain cautious
23-03-2012  Housing market seen fragile for next 2 years - Reuters poll
23-03-2012  Gulf in UK property prices yawns wider: Average London home now costs three-and-a-half times one in the North East
22-03-2012  Budget case study: 'I'm still concerned about prospects for first-time buyers'
22-03/2012  How will the Budget affect house buyers and sellers?
22-03-2012  Budget 2012 case study: first-time buyers
22-03-2012  First-time buyers need to save for three years in Wales for a deposit
22-03-2012  Budget 2012: Will stamp duty diminish the UK housing market?
21-03-2012  Budget 2012 aims to stamp out property tax dodge of super-rich
21-03-2012  Nationwide is latest lender to crack down on interest-only mortgages
21-03-2012  Budget 2012: stamp duty rises to seven per cent on mansions
21-03-2012  Budget 12: 15% stamp duty for £2m homes bought through firms
21-03-2012  Budget 2012: Treasury closes property-based IHT avoidance schemes
21-03-2012  Property sales rise in February, Revenue says
21-03-2012  BUDGET 2012: Stamp duty raid on £2m homes and a crackdown on tax avoidance 'will take five times more' from the wealthy
21-03-2012  Estate agents warn that stamp duty raid could hit all homeowners
20-03-2012  Village 'tarred' by ASBO order
20-03-2012  House prices record biggest 'spring bounce' in eight years
20-03-2012  Gov must act on residential property reforms
20-03-2012  Why UK has to kick-start building of new homes
20-03-2012  Property prices up 5% in March
20-03-2012  Bank of England warns house price rises and mortgage crackdown will shut out first-time buyers from property market
19-03-2012  Property taxes 'stifling market' 
19-03-2012  How affordable is housing where you live?
19-03-2012  Right to buy: A timely kick-start for housing or a gimmick to be avoided?
16-03-2012  House prices: first-time buyers ‘sleepwalking’ into property problems, says HSBC
16-03-2012  UK house prices fall for 21st month in a row, latest Knight Frank index shows
16-03-2012  Tenants staying put longer
16-03-2011  Retreats within reach: Access to these pretty villages near the Downs has been transformed - and buyers are rolling in
16-03-2012  Get the picture: House hunting is easier than ever - now you can browse the market on your TV
16-03-2012  Consider property in Cornwall
16-03-2012  Property news roundup
15-03-2012 The days of rock-bottom mortgages may be coming to an end - so lock into a cheap deal now
15-03-2012  More first-timers step on ladder
15-03-2012  US families driving up UK lettings market, it is claimed
15-03-2012  Buy-to-let landlords warned about new rules on Energy Performance Certificates
15-03-2012  Private housing needs rent regulation now
15-03-2012  House sales and loans up - is Ulster property market moving at last?
15-03-2012  UK tax system 'helps foreign property buyers'
14-03-2012  Big jump in first-time buyers
14-03-2012  Scottish Solicitors could face imprisonment under proposed mortgage fraud and money laundering crack down
14-03-2012  Buying 'still cheaper than renting'
14-03.2012  UK is on track to be a ‘nation of renters’
13-03-2012  Massive increase in city home prices
13-03-2012  House sales and lending pick up
13-03-2012  House sales on the rise and price falls less widespread, according to UK estate agents
13-03-2012  Can Cameron's new house plan rebuild the market?
12-03-2012  5% deposits bid to aid homebuyers
12-03-2012  Lenders launch NewBuy mortgages
12-03-2012  New scheme to help you onto the housing ladder
12-03-2012  House prices: dare you let out your home?
12-03-2012  Buy a £500,000 home with just FIVE PER CENT deposit! PM hopes new scheme will get first-time buyers back on the property ladder
12-03-2012  North East housing market looks optimistic
12-03-2012  City house prices up 382% over past 25yrs
12-03-2012  NewBuy Guarantee: how does it work and will I qualify for a cheap mortgage?
10-03-2012  House prices: Edinburgh’s 509% house-price boom
09-03-2012  No let up in pain for savers as Bank of England base rate 'to stay at all-time low until 2015'


 House prices edge up in London but fall in North
09-03-2012  Gran among seven jailed in £4 million property conspiracy


 New property site launched for Observer series


 Morpeth house gets horribly honest description by estate agent


 UK landlords organisation calls for property rental reform
09-03-2012  Italians buy up London as recession bites
09-03-2012  Safe as Houses
09-03-2012  UK property industry does not support a mansion tax
09-03-2012  Savers have suffered enough, Mr Osborne
08-03-2012  UK interest rates held at 0.5% for third year
08-03-2012  House prices edge up in London but fall in North
08-03-2012  Low interest rates and QE: the winners and losers
08-03-2012  House Prices Fall
08-03-2012  Average UK house price slips slightly
07-03-2012  First-time buyer activity hits highest level since 2009
07-03-2011  Interest rates could stay low for years, Capital Economics predicts
07-03-2012  Rental demand eases off as FTBs rush to beat Stamp Duty deadline
07-03-2012  House prices continue to rise in Gloucestershire
06-03-2012  House prices dip 0.5% in February to fall more than £3,500 below last summer's high watermark
06-03-2012  Property prices fall back 0.5% in the UK
06-03-2012  U.K. House Prices Decline as Recovery Concerns Weigh on Consumers: Economy
05-03-2012  New mortgage scheme gets go-ahead
05-03-2012  Nationwide offers first-time buyers £1,000 cash back
05-03-2012  Homeowners to pay £735 a year MORE after Halifax hikes mortgage rates - sparking threat of customer exodus
05-03-2012  Has the Bank of England been right to keep interest rates at 0.5%?
05-03-2012  ADVISORY-UK's Halifax to release Feb house price index on Tuesday
05-03-2012  Ten ways to put a spring into your house sale
05-03-2012  Boris Johnson calls for stamp duty loophole to be plugged
05-03-2012  Thatcherite think-tank slams mansion tax plan
05-03-2012  Lucy’s Under the Hammer manor (...but she broke her own auction rules to buy it
05-03-2012  US tops international searches for properties in the UK, a new report shows
03-03-2012  UK: Mortgage fears as banks consider raising interest rates
03-03-2012  First-time buyers rush to beat stamp duty deadline
03-03-2012  House prices could collapse if thousands of homes become uninsurable and unmortgageable
03-03-2012  Mortgage rise to hit millions: Banks lining up to heap more misery on squeezed families as NatWest and RBS raise home loan rates by 0.25%
03-03-2012  Spa town house prices up by £1,000 a month since 2001
02-03-2012  Bank of England's 0.5% interest rate has cost savers £60bn
02-03-2012  Hope for buyers aiming to get on first rung of property ladder
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